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Thirty Five

Today I turn 35. I am officially old enough to run for President, which is a strange realization. To a kid, I seem old; to an old man, I seem like a kid. When I was younger, 35 seemed grown-up enough to have things figured out. Now that I’m 35, about the only thing I am sure of is that no one, anywhere, has everything figured out.

I’ve learned a lot in 35 years; it’ll be a interesting to see what another 35 years might teach me. So, in the spirit of learning, I thought I’d share 35 things that life has taught me, in no particular order.

1. Pray, read the Bible, and go to church. There are bigger things than you, it is a good book, and we were made for community.

2. Yes sir, no sir; yes ma'am, no ma'am; please, thank you.

3. Respect your elders.

4. Be mindful of who is watching.

5. There are no frivolous pursuits which bring you joy and edify others.

6. Doing the right thing is often costly.

7. The loudest voices are often the most hollow, the quietest voices often resonate the longest.

8. Not everyone who talks about justice understands it.

9. Not everyone who talks about freedom appreciates it.

10. Not everyone who talks about Heaven is going to get there.

11. There is no harm in kindness. There may, however, be risk.

12. Love is not attraction, nor is it how you feel. Love is a decision to put the needs of others ahead of your own.

13. Disagreement is not grounds to end a friendship or call someone names.

14. Drink plenty of water.

15. Get plenty of rest.

16. It's worth asking for her number, even if she says no.

17. Don't throw your faith to every new idea that comes around. Some ideas last because they hold true. New ideas are not necessarily better.

18. In matters of traffic, it is always better to yield.

19. In matters of conscience, it is always better to stand fast.

20. A properly cooked steak does not need A1.

21. You're never too old or too cool to tell your parents you love them.

22. Your sisters and brothers will be in your life a lot longer than most of your friends. Learn to get along, even when when you drive each other crazy.

23. Stop and look at the Moon.

24. It is absolutely worth getting up early to watch the sunrise.

25. It is absolutely worth pulling the car over to watch the sunset.

26. Jeans and a plaid shirt will never go out of style.

27. Things come around; don't split checks and don't get too bothered about who owes you money.

28. Laugh.

29. Learn the name of anyone whose job it is to serve you. It makes a difference..

30.  Learn good penmanship.

31. Learn the words to your favorite poem.

32. Learn all you can about your favorite piece of artwork.

33. Exercise.

34. Make friends often, and stay in touch.

35. Write down things you wish to remember.

And one to grow on:

36. Today is going to be a great day.

On that note, I wish you all a wonderful day. Y’all take care and be good to one another.


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