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Songs Through Advent: Breath of Heaven

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

"I am waiting in a silent prayer,

I am frightened by the load I bear;

In a world as cold as stone,

Must I walk this path alone?

Be with me now,

Be with me now,"

Amy Grant, "Breath of Heaven"

"She's the one who stepped out on her fiancee."

"It makes you wonder what her parents must think."

"Here she comes, stop talking about her."

Mary starts out as the most vulnerable person in the story. She's young, she's unmarried. She doesn't come from wealth. She doesn't come from class.

And now she is pregnant.

Mary has the most to lose by trusting in the Lord.

Like Joseph, she is burdened with a responsibility that no one will believe. They'll all think the same things people today think when they see a unmarried pregnant girl. Some will revile her. Some will think poorly of her family. Some will pity her.

But who will help her?

And yet, she trusts. She trusts in God's power to redeem not just a whole nation, but also to redeem her. To redeem her youth, to redeem her purpose, to redeem her circumstances in the face of a culture that would leave her to wither on the fringes.

Her trust is outmatched only by her devotion; her love as a mother is where the new King finds a home.

All of sudden, the vulnerable becomes the guardian of the Almighty.

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