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Songs Through Advent: What Child Is This?

"So bring Him incense, gold and myrrh,

Come, peasant, king, to own Him;

The King of Kings, salvation brings,

Let loving hearts enthrone him,"

The Wise Men are said to have brought gifts in honor of the King they sought. Gold, a fitting treasure, a suitable gift for royalty. Frankincense, used in worship and adoration.

Myrrh, used in mourning.

Even at his birth, at the beginning of his storied life, when all there should be is awe and wonder at the newness of a infant child, there is a bitter tinge that draws our eyes forward.

It begs the question: their wisdom, did these Wise Men know something that others didn't? Was there something in the stars written to them by the Almighty that tipped them off to what was to come? Did they hear rumors in the years that passed of what became of this king?

Peace, it turns out, has a price. The greater the peace often means the greater the cost. Great wars are fought to establish supremacy, to bring people into submission, to establish order for those in power. Armies march, navies sail, men and women and children die in droves in order to satisfy those who want power.

What will it take to establish peace between Heaven and Earth?

It won't be armies. It won't be navies. It will be One Man against the world.

The Wise Men brought treasure and worship to honor the Newborn King. But they also brought their mourning.

The King will have use of it again some day.

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